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Built-in dishwasher VH1774J

- Silence 
Operating at only 47 dB(A), your Dishwasher makes sure you enjoy fresh dishes without the noise

- 12 place-settings capacity 
Easy-to-set in a 60cm wide space. Despite its slim size, it offers 12 place-settings capacity.

- Adjustable Baskets
Customise your daily wash! The top basket can be adjusted whether or not it is loaded to suit your washing capacity for the day.

- 1/2 Load Option
The Brandt dishwasher offers a half-load wash targeted at either the upper or lower basket, to improve water and energy efficiency. 

- 4-in-1 Function
The Brandt dishwasher supports the use of multi-function tablets to optimize the washing and drying cycle, whatever your chosen programme. 

Built-in dishwasher VH1472XBlack

built in dishwasher VH1472X
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