Induction hob BPI6449X


This zoneless cooking concept empowers you to push culinary creativity to the limits! horiZonetech boasts a true zoneless induction cooking surface that is able to accommodate all shapes and sizes of cookware - from rectangular pans to oval dishes. 

-Precise and Efficient Cooking

All Brandt Induction hobs feature electronic, touch sensitive controls for effortless use. Precise heating levels allow you to create inspired dishes while the Boost function brings you straight to maximum power. 

-Cooking Memorisation

Programme your desired cooking duration and let your hob do all the work! It will even automatically switch off at the end of the programmed time. The recall function allows you to pull up all the settings made (power level and time) for your easy reference!

-Brandt's 10 Safety Measures

10 safety points ensure with overheating protection, child lock, residual heat indicators, anti-overflow system, automatic stop system, pan detection and small object detection.

-New Age Tech

Optimal performance and hob longevity are supported with easy cooling of the electronic components of your hob with:

  • A large aperture at the back of your hob for better air circulation
  • A slim crankcase attached to the front panel to improve evacuation of warmed air from your hob

Technical characteristics